Computerized Engine Analysis

Federal Exhaust Emission and Fuel Economy regulations require that modern vehicles be equipped with electronic engine control systems in order to increase fuel efficiency and limit carbon emissions. If a problem arises such as the ‘check engine' light comes on or the vehicle is just not operating correctly, the qualified technicians at Main Street Automotive can perform an engine analysis utilizing specific tests to determine the cause of the problem. The vehicle uses switches and sensors to monitor and transfer the conditions of the engine's operation into electric signals. The computer sends commands to the emission control system, the fuel system and the ignition system based on the information received through the electric signals. The computer compiles the analysis into an electronic map that our technicians use to make adjustments. This analysis will also show whether the issue is a problem or is caused by one or more simple sensors.


The sensors located in a vehicle are the mass airflow sensor, the throttle position sensor, the manifold absolute pressure sensor, the coolant temperature sensor, the exhaust oxygen sensor, and the crankshaft position sensor.


People often think repairing a vehicle is easy and that mechanics are misleading the customer when they recommend certain services. Today's vehicles are very complicated and often times trying to find the specific cause of a problem is not simple. And even though tune-ups are no longer required, regular services such as filter replacement, oil changes and spark plug replacement are still necessary along with an analysis of your vehicle. The factory-trained technicians at Main Street Automotive Services provide all that is necessary to keep your vehicle operating in tip top condition.


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