Exhaust System

There is more to an automotive exhaust system than just a muffler. The purpose of the exhaust system is to:
reduce engine noise
convert pollutants, like carbon monoxide, into less harmful byproducts
funnel engine waste gases away from passengers to the rear of the vehicle
redirect gases to heat fuel and air before they enter the cylinders to be burned
provide back pressure to the engine that improves performance and fuel-burning efficiency 


The components of the average exhaust system are the exhaust manifold, exhaust pipes, catalytic converter, the muffler and the tail pipe. The exhaust manifold is attached directly to the side of the engine and its purpose is to burn fuel that was not burned properly by the engine. The exhaust pipes funnel the gases from the engine and the manifold back towards the tailpipe. The catalytic converter does what its name says, it uses reduction catalysts and oxidation catalysts to convert harmful compounds in the gases (carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, and nitrogen oxides) into much less harmful compounds. The muffler also does as its name says, it muffles or reduces the noise volume of the exhaust emitted from an internal combustion engine by absorbing the noise through an outer shell, inner pipes and inner plates. And a set of simple tubes reflect sound waves in such a manner that they cancel out one another. Lastly, the tail pipe is the last piece in the exhaust system - the piece protruding from below the bumper that is either cut at an angle or straight. Note, some vehicle models have two sets of pipes, often referred to as ‘dual exhaust.” 


Our team of qualified and trained technicians will gladly inspect your exhaust system and if repairs are needed we will make our recommendations and provide you with an estimate of the cost. 


Note: The State of Georgia requires that vehicles be tested for exhaust emissions every year. Testing is performed on gasoline-powered car or light-duty trucks (8,500 pounds gross vehicle weight rating or less). The three most recent model year vehicles are exempt as are vehicles twenty-five years and older. Counties in Georgia requiring this testing are Cherokee, Clayton, Cobb, Coweta, DeKalb, Douglas, Fayette, Forsyth, Fulton, Gwinnett, Henry, Paulding and Rockdale. Visit www.cleanairforce.com for more details.

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