Headlight Restoration

One evening as you are driving along a poorly lit road you discover that you are unable to see more than a car length or two in front of your vehicle. Therefore, you must drive much slower. When you finally arrive home you check to see if a bulb or two is out. You discover all of the bulbs are lit but you notice the lenses over the bulbs are cloudy. You ask yourself, “Could this be the problem?” “Yes” is the answer.


Today's headlamp assembly covers are made of polycarbonate plastic which is lighter than glass, and more resistant to breakage and scratches. But exposure to chemicals in the air, sunlight and road debris cause the plastic to dull and become hazy. If neglected for too long the plastic will develop pits and even fine cracks in the surface. Yes the assemblies are easy to replace but cleaning and polishing them is less expensive and takes less time.


As a convenient service to our customers Main Street Automotive offers headlight assembly cleaning and polishing at a very competitive price. Ask about it when you come into the shop.


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