Tire Rotation

It is recommended that tires be rotated at regular intervals to keep the wear on the tread of each tire even and thereby, extending the life of the tires and protecting your investment. 


The tires on a vehicle carry different amounts of weight causing each tire to wear at a different rate. Also rotation patterns vary with different makes and models of vehicles. And even some vehicles carry different size tires on the back and the front often called directional tires. To even out the differences the tires are rotated. A vehicle owner's manual will provide the information as to how often to rotate the tires for your particular vehicle. It is usually suggested that this service be performed every 5,000 to 8,000 miles or an average of about 6,500 miles.


At the time the tires are rotated it is also a very good opportunity to have the tires and wheels balanced which also aid in extending the life of your tires. Our team at Main Street Automotive will gladly schedule you a convenient time to bring your vehicle in for this important service.  

Tire Rotation

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