Timing Belt Replacement

A timing chain, cam belt or timing belt is a component of the internal combustion engine. It insures that the crankshaft and the camshaft(s) rotate in sync or at the same exact time. This in turn causes the valves of the engine to open and close at the proper intervals during each cylinder's exhaust and intake strokes. As above, it can be a timing chain or cam belt but it most often a timing belt that is made of rubber. It is located in the engine compartment behind the drive belts. 


We recommend when replacing a timing belt that the water pump, tensioner and pulleys also be replaced, because, if they fail after the belt has been replaced damage to the piston(s) or valve(s) can occur leading to more expensive repairs. In about sixty percent of vehicles the water pump is driven by the timing belt, therefore, for these vehicles is it a good idea to also replace the water pump at the same time.


It may be time to replace the timing belt if there is an unusual squeaking sound coming from the cover over the timing belt. If the belt has broken your vehicle will not crank.


To prevent the belt from breaking we recommend that the belt and other components be replaced as part of your vehicle's standard scheduled maintenance. It is expensive but not as expensive if it is allowed to deteriorate and thereby, harm other more expensive components of your engine. Our professionally trained technicians at Main Street Automotive will gladly aid you in knowing what is a recommended time to replace these components. We will provide a free estimate and perform only the necessary work in a timely manner and at a competitive price.

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