Engine (Head) Gasket Replacement

A head gasket or engine gasket behaves as a cover creating a seal between the cylinder head (or piston chamber) and the engine block. This gasket seals the engine coolant that operates from a normal temperature range to a low cold ambient temperature. This same gasket also seals the extremely hot, high pressure combustion chamber gases. It takes a real beating and therefore, it is a very good idea to replace it when a leak develops. 


What are the symptoms of a blown head or engine gasket?
It is difficult to diagnose a head or engine gasket leak because it seals a large surface and it is hidden from view. Thereby a visual inspection rarely proves it is leaking. There are other signs of a leak that can help:


white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe with s sweet smell
the engine consistently overheating
oil appearing as a white milky substance from coolant mixing with engine oil
a great loss of coolant without any evidence of a leak
bubbles in the coolant overflow tank or the radiator
coolant leaking externally below the exhaust manifold may be the only visible sign


One of these symptoms does not necessarily mean a gasket leak, but several of the above does.
If you suspect that your vehicle has a gasket leak it is imperative to cease driving the vehicle.  Cold coolant and hot gasses passing through the hole (site of the leak) can warp or erode the engine block or metal head. If this occurs the cost to repair the problem becomes much more expensive. Other damage can also occur depending on whether the leak is due to a cracked gasket or cracked cylinder.


For your convenience we can assist you in getting your vehicle to our shop. Give us a call and we will recommend a reliable towing service. Once your vehicle is in the shop we will perform an inspection and give you a call with our recommendations. Our expertly trained technicians will make the necessary repairs in a timely manner at a competitive price.

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