Engine and Transmission Mount Replacement

First let us say engine and transmission mounts do not need regular servicing or maintenance. A mount is a small part that plays a big part in the ability of your engine and transmission to perform as they are designed. It is constructed of two metal plates vulcanized one to the other with a liquid filled bladder or a large piece of rubber in between. The top plate is bolted to the engine allowing only a small amount of movement. The lower plate is bolted to the frame of the vehicle. They are mounted to the transmission in the same manner. Their function is to align and stabilize these two major components of your vehicle. 


Note: Rear wheel vehicles usually have two mounts with one on each side of the engine with one mount used to mount the transmission. Front wheel drive vehicles use more mounts to assist in controlling the torque of the engine such as a ‘dog bone' or torque mount.


When a mount loosens or cracks it will be easy to detect and replacement will be necessary. The ‘symptom' is usually an excessive vibration that is felt most often in the front passengers's seat. This vibration might be the engine moving as it is loosely held in place due to a failed mount. Another consequence of a failed mount ismisalignment of the engine causing one side to droop or sag. Again noises will come from the engine announcing something is not quite right. The most serious scenario is the complete breaking of a mount causing the engine to bounce about which is a safety hazard especially if the vehicle is being operated at a high speed. This extreme bouncing can cause parts to fly off damaging the engine as well as hoses and belts.


What causes a mount to fail? Excessive high idling, oil contamination, hard shifting as with a manual transmission, or even engine compartment heat combined with age can cause one or more to fail. Therefore, if you detect a vibration or hear a knocking or clanking it is advised to have your vehicle looked at soon by trained professionals like our staff at Main Street Automotive in Alpharetta, Georgia. We will also gladly inspect the mounts in your vehicle anytime you are in the shop.

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