Engine and Transmission Replacement

There are definite advantages to replacing an engine or transmission rather than buying another vehicle. The main advantage is the expense. To replace an engine or transmission is much less expensive than buying a new vehicle - while also avoiding the additional expenses of license fees, and increased costs of insurance and taxes. 


A vehicle that is in sound mechanical condition otherwise and that you plan to use for another three to five years may be a good candidate for having the engine or transmission replaced. You may also consider the value of your vehicle against the cost to install an engine or transmission. Whether you replace the part with a new, rebuilt or remanufactured part it can last as long as the original transmission and in effect doubling the service longevity of your vehicle as long as you maintain the vehicle. Obviously a new engine or transmission will cost you more. And whether new, remanufactured or rebuilt - engines and transmission usually come with a warranty. Note: Remanufactured engines or transmissions can offer increased performance over a new factory engine because some suppliers make modifications that improve durability and performance. 


What is the difference between rebuilt and remanufactured? rebuilt component has been taken from a vehicle and repaired. But the industry does not provide standards of what repairs are done. Main Street Automotive purchases their rebuilt components only from reputable suppliers. A remanufactured part offers the consumer the benefits of the supplier making modifications that were not in the original engine due to information gathered about ‘failures' in the original design.  A remanufactured engine, for example, will have only the core from the original engine with all the other components added in ‘like-new' condition such as valves, pistons, etc. 


The expertly trained professionals at Main Street Automotive will assist you in making the best decision concerning your vehicle based on your personal preferences , the proposed use of your vehicle and its value.

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